Morning workout.

He walk up on the wood deck and as he reach the dumbbells he pulls his shirt off and shows off his muscles, he leans casual down and pick up the dumbbells with his muscular arms his hands take a firm grip as he lift them up. He start of with some gentle moves as he is in no rush, one by one he lift them pumping up his muscles.

Billy workout

After a short workout he walk up to the house and as he reach the porch he take his pants off, he stand on the edge of the stairs flexing his muscles to anyone who might see him. Feeling the rush of testosterone flowing thru his veins making him feel better, now all he need is to meet a cute hunk.

Billy flex musles

Thank you Billy Blaylock for posing for me early in the morning.


The Librarian.

It was late in the eveningĀ the librarian had been stood up by a no good guy, she had put on her lingerie for him as a surprise and now she had no one to show it to.

front sexy 3

She leaned her body against bookcase with a glass of vodka in her hand she stood there naked and drunk, this was not how she had pictured her evening at least not alone in this position.

sexy ass bw


Photo is taken at Elysion & and big thank you to my anonymous friend for posing for me.

The Bookworm

A big thank you to my friend Suzanna Doll for posing for me as she lay on the bed reading a book about virtual worlds, I got a nice view of her back side while she enjoyed the book and a cup of coffee.


After a short photo session she posed briefly next to the bed strutting her breats up against the camera, she had a smirk on her face as the photographer took her photo.



Both photos where taken at Elysion an adult members only place in Second Life, feel free to visit by clicking this link.